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Everyone want a sense of belonging. However, groups of people who want to connect may be separated by physical space and time.

Hubble helps you bring together a collective of members. We have purposely designed the app so that you can turn your audience into members who connect asynchronously, in a ssafe space. As a result, they can deeply engage with you and with one another without distractions.

This is a fun place where you and your members to hang out. Whether it’s through different expression formats or easy interactions, our core principle is to build products that are easy, safe, and spark joy. It's all about how we enable you to build and grow a thriving community that’s adored by your members.

Your own collective. Endless potential.

Turn audience into community

Accelerate engagement and growth by unleashing the power of your collective.

Create an immersive playground

A private, safe space where your members can play and celebrate authentic expressions.

Monetize with native tools

Make money doing what you love, right here on Hubble. We make it easy.

A word from our creators

Better Than Imagined

Community by Katia Verresen, founder of KVA Leadership, transformational coaching for inspired leaders

Hubble has been amazing for me as a creator. Our Foundations of Inner Power Fellowship, which teaches high-performing leaders how to grow their Inner Power and realize their dreams, faced a challenge in sustaining a sense of community post-graduation. People’s most common request upon finishing the program was for a way to keep the momentum going. Our initial attempts with platforms like WhatsApp and LinkedIn lacked the depth and connection we were looking for. What we needed was a space to share the tools from the course and broadcast cutting-edge ideas.

Cue Hubble! Hubble embodies the science of belonging, enabling us to deepen relationships across distances and time zones. What stands out is the team’s responsiveness; they rapidly implement our feedback and launch new features that significantly enhance our connection.

The impact has been immediate and profound. Within just 48 hours, our community members reported a noticeable shift in their mindset. Hubble has been instrumental in helping us deepen our connection and accelerate our journey toward achieving our dreams. It is a catalyst for transformational learning and community building.

Swagger Society

Community by Robin Arzón, Peloton's VP of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor, NYT bestselling author, Good Morning America Contributor, and 27x marathon runner

I created a community, Swagger Society, to go deeper with my social media followers who share a desire to level up in life and are willing to support others looking to do the same. Hubble provided a space for members to share more authentically. From the creator perspective, the ability to leave voice stickers on posts and provide exclusive content have been two keys to our success.

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